Insider News for 5 FEB 2018

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🕵️ Cardano (ADA) – Roadmap Update
🕵️ FunFair (FUN) – Attending ICE Gaming
🕵️ Verge (XVG) – YouTube Q&A
🕵️ High Performance Blockchain (HPB) – Listing On Kucoin
🕵️ Aion (AION) – Test Net Release
🕵️ Electroneum (ETN) – Hardfork
🕵️ Komodo (KMD) – Blockchain Amsterdam KMD
🕵️ Bitcoin (BTC) – Block Halving
🕵️ Rivetz (RVT) – Blockchain Mideast Forum
🕵️ Hedge (HDG) – First Hedge AMA
🕵️ Rialto (XRL) – AMA
🕵️ Bitcoin White (BTW) – New Exchange
🕵️ BOScoin (BOS) – Meetup in Dubai, AE
🕵️ Energycoin (ENRG) – Conference In Amsterdam
🕵️ Bancor (BNT) – Developer Week
🕵️ SunContract (SNC) – SunContract AMA
🕵️ Gnosis (GNO) – Developers Community AMA
🕵️ Hacken (HKN) – New Exchange Announcement
🕵️ Bancor (BNT) – Satoshi Roundtable
🕵️ Speedcash (SCS) – Official Network Relaunch


🕵️ National Bank of Abu Dhabi adopts Ripple👌
🕵️ For Blockchain Networks to Run, Cryptocurrencies are Necessary – South Korea Finance Minister
🕵️ S. Korean Finance Minister: Blockchain Can ‘Revolutionize The World’
🕵️ China Tightening Regulations, Crypto-related Ads Reportedly Gone From Local Websites😟
🕵️ Leapfrogging: Blockchain Technology to Accelerate Developing Nations
🕵️ India’s Three Largest Exchanges: Cryptocurrency Ban Rumors are FUD👈
🕵️ Vending machine in Korea accepting ICX


🕵️ Report: Top 100 Bitcoin Holders take advantage of bearish trend to increase their holdings😲
🕵️ Ripple price: “Dark horse” cryptocurrency predicted to rise in value🚀
🕵️ Good news! Active contracts on SIA is increasing rapidly!💪💪
🕵️ Some experts say Analysis shows NO correlation between Tether coin creation and Bitcoin market value
🕵️ Two new payment options in for Litecoin – markets react positively❕
🕵️ Announcement $STRAT Back Up on Changelly
🕵️ NELSON 0.4.0 /w GUI 0.2.0 Released!
🕵️ EOS Telegram Summary 2/3/18 – New Dapp Confirmed for EOS
🕵️ “Legend of Satoshi” Puzzle Finally Solved💥
🕵️ Credit Card Companies are Disallowing Users From Purchasing Cryptocurrencies
🕵️ Experts: Long-Term Signals Suggest Bullish Bounce Imminent for BTC
🕵️ Facebook Ad Ban Increases ICO Pressure😞
🕵️ Malware Monero Miner Targets Google’s DoubleClick
🕵️ Music Meets Crytpo: Introducing the Virtual Currency Girls, Japan’s Latest J-Pop Sensation🎸
🕵️ BitFury Launches Blockchain Investigation Tool to Fight Bitcoin Crime
🕵️ Lisk Relaunch Features: website, logo, app and more!
🕵️ Betting on Superbowl…with Ethereum now a THING!🏈
🕵️ Report: Lendex, BitConnect’s baby brother is gearing up to make exit with users money❗️
🕵️ Crypto experts issue Word Of Warning: DON’T BUY XMRG (Monero Gold) IT’S SCAM‼️
🕵️ Crowdfire Founders Plan to Launch Indian Bitcoin Exchange
🕵️ Rumor: Ebay to accept Bitcoin as one of the payment options🔥
🕵️ Bitcoin ATM Installations Skyrocket Throughout Market Correction
🕵️ The SEC and the CFTC to meet on February the 6th to discuss cryptos⚡️⚡️

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