Insider News for 15 FEB 2018

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🕵 Hshare (HSR) – Hcash Main Chain launch
🕵 Ripple (XRP) – CoinField Adding XRP
🕵 Bitcoin (BTC) – Anarchapulco
🕵 RouletteToken (RLT) – Big Partnership
🕵 Bounty0x (BNTY) – Alpha 2.0 Launch
🕵 NEM (XEM) – NEM Conference
🕵 Bitcoin (BTC) – ICO Pitch Co
🕵 CarTaxi Token (CTX) – Monthly Bonuses + Burn
🕵 Emercoin (EMC) – OKEx Listing📌
🕵 Counterparty (XCP) – CIP 10 – MPMA
🕵 Publica (PBL) – SF Writers Conference
🕵 Counterparty (XCP) – (CIP6) P2SH Data Encoding
🕵 WAX (WAX) – D10e Conference
🕵 Neutron (NTRN) – Network Update
🕵 Bounty0x (BNTY) – New Partnerships
🕵 Playkey (PKT) – HitBTC Listing📌
🕵 Ethereum (ETH) – Crypto AllStars
🕵 PIVX (PIVX) – Anarchapulco Convention
🕵 Iconomi (ICN) – January Monthly Update
🕵 BitDegree (BDG) – Reward Distribution💰
🕵 Social (SCL) – Marketing
🕵 IntenseCoin (ITNS) – Bimonthly Updates
🕵 OctoinCoin (OCC) – Vietnam Conference
🕵 Adelphoi (ADL) – Swap To ETH
🕵 RChain (RHOC) – Governance Forum🤝
🕵 Flash (FLASH) – Monthly Dev Update + Q&A


 🕵 Blockchain Can Help UK ‘Stay Relevant’ After Brexit, Says EU Lawmaker❗
🕵 Arizona Would Introduce Blockchain Law to Regulate ICOs in the State
🕵 Commonwealth Bank of Australia Blocks Crypto-Related Purchases
🕵 Japanese Crypto Investors Flee Capital Gains Taxation of up to 55%😯
🕵 Bitcoin Soars Above $9000 After South Korea Back-Pedals Crypto Ban‼
🕵 Dubai: Gold Trading Company Launches ‘World’s First’ Cold Storage Vault For Crypto👌
🕵 It’s Not European Central Bank’s Job to Regulate Cryptocurrencies: ECB President
🕵 Wyoming’s Tokens Exemptions From Securities Bill Unanimously Passes First Stage
🕵 Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority signs deal with Ripple🔥🔥
🕵 South Korea Stands Firm on Stamping Out Illegal Cryptocurrency Trading
🕵 US Treasury Official Calls for Global Crypto Regulation
🕵 Canadian Stock Exchange Launches ‘Fully-Regulated’ Token Funding Platform, ‘Unlike’ ICOs
🕵 Tokyo Police Interrogate a Japanese Man Concerning Coincheck Hack
🕵 Canadian Bank Builds Vaults for Safeguarding Cryptocurrencies
🕵 Western Union Taps Ripple for Blockchain Trial💪💪
🕵 China’s Internet Finance Watchdog Calls for ICO Awareness


🕵 On 14th of March 2018 Monero will have a hardfork❕
🕵 Microsoft Will Use Blockchain To Build New Digital Identity
🕵 Bitcoin Sees Bull Reversal Ahead of Chinese New Year📈👍
🕵 Citibank India Bans Crypto Purchases on Both Credit and Debit Cards
🕵 Great news: A new $50 million fund for startups and developers working with LISK sidechain applications
🕵 WePay CEO: There’s No Demand for Crypto Payments😐
🕵 Litecoin’s Price Jumps Nearly 35 Percent in 24 Hours Ahead of LitePay Launch Date
🕵 #Litecoin Hits Highest Since July 2015 Against #Bitcoin🚀🚀
🕵 Moody’s: Bitcoin Volatility (Likely) Won’t Hurt CME’s Risk Rating
🕵 Kraken CEO Advises Investors to Act Responsibly, Predicts a $1 Trillion Crypto Market Cap in 2018
🕵 Friendz ICO to Launch Blockchain Platform to Connect Brands and Users
🕵 QTUM Forks at Block 100,000, Reminds of Wallet Update
🕵 Bitcoin Scam Artist Who Conned $545K Arrested in UAE
🕵 Ethereum Classic (ETC) keeps growing against all odds⚡⚡
🕵 In new crypto presentation J.P Morgan says RIPPLE is “already bringing change to the industry”
🕵 Bitcoin Investors Aren’t Reporting Their Gains To the IRS
🕵 Plus500 Net Profits Jump 70% Due to Crypto Trading
🕵 After A Shaky Start, THEKEY ICO Impresses investors with New Partnerships
🕵 Kontrol Energy launches the bIOTAsphere
🕵 NEO Crypto-Holding Individuals Will Receive Free ONT Tokens💰👈
🕵 US Treasury Official Calls for Global Crypto Regulation
🕵 Report Claims Litecoin is the Second Most Adopted Currency on Dark Marketplaces
🕵 Kraken CEO: Traders Should Look Out for Themselves, Not Rely on Exchanges
🕵 Porn-X First Cryptocurrency Payment Using Lightning Network
🕵 Crypto Is Now Fastest Growing Donation for Fidelity Charitable
🕵 Aussie Lender Bans Crypto Purchases with Credit Cards👀
🕵 Forbes’ ‘Fintech 50 For 2018’ List Includes 11 Blockchain & Crypto Companies👌

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