Things every trader must know and remember

Keep this near from you as a Trading Reminder:

­čîčI cut my loses on every single trade I take and never allow a trade to become a large loser.
­čîčI never take position sizes that are too large for my account
­čîčI always trade with a stop and never increase the size of my stop after entry.
­čîčI never add to losing positions and instead exit quickly when I’m proven wrong.
­čîčI think like the great traders about risk and losses.
­čîčCutting my losses and trading with conservative position size is my Top priority.
­čîčI love being disciplined in my trading.
­čîčI consistently think long-term probabilities when I trade.
­čîčMy self-awarebess gives me power over my emotions when I trade.
­čîčI am a good trader because I practice great risk control at all times.