Insider News for 28 DEC 2018

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🕵 Bitcoin (BTC) – 28 December 2018 – CME: December Last Trade⚡️
🕵 EOS (EOS) – 28 December 2018 – Huobi Listing
🕵 Electrum Dark (ELD) – 28 December 2018 – Airdrop Event


🕵 German Stock Exchange, Börse Stuttgart to Start Crypto Exchange
🕵 FOTA launches European ATM options for bitcoin (BTC) and ether (ETH)
🕵 Over 70% of Respondents say XRP Will see the Biggest Return in 2019, Survey
🕵 WSJ: Hundreds of Crypto Projects Show Signs of Plagiarism, Fraud and Improbable Returns
🕵 Bitcoin-Supporting Payments Firm Square Named Yahoo Finance’s Company of the Year
🕵 Cameroon Separatists Launch ‘AmbaCoin’ to Fund Independence Movement
🕵 Western Union Says It Is “Ready to Adopt Any Kind of Currency”
🕵 Six New Cryptocurrency ATM Machines Installed Every Day in 2018
🕵 Congress Members Seek to Exclude Cryptocurrencies from the Definition of a Security
🕵 NANO Cryptocurrency Passes Security Audit
🕵 Litecoin Fights Off Other Cryptos To Become First UFC Sponsor


🕵 Enjin releases EnjinX, a new lightning-fast Ethereum block explorer
🕵 OKEx Launches OK PiggyBank, Letting Users Earn Interest on Their Crypto Holdings
🕵 IOTA Controlled Agent (Ict) 0.2 released
🕵 XRP Too Slow And Centralized For Banks: Nano Founder
🕵 IOTA Announces New Trinary Cryptographic Hash Function With CYBERCRYPT
🕵 ARK introduces ARK Pay, a solution that will allow merchants to accept ARK
🕵 XRP More Decentralized Than Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple CEO Says
🕵 Binance CEO ‘Very Confident’ in Cryptocurrency Industry’s Future
🕵 Ethereum Raiden Network “Alpha” Is Active – 1 Million Transactions Per Second
🕵 Ethereum Co-Founder Says ‘Sky Is Not Falling’, Sees ‘Very Bright’ Future
🕵 Ontology Added to Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS Marketplaces
🕵 Tron Set to Dethrone Ethereum Reaching 1M User Accounts in Six Months from Launch
🕵 Tron (TRX) Blockchain Records more than 1 Million user Accounts in less than One Year
🕵 Vitalik Calls Bitcoin SV A Dumpster Fire
🕵 Bitcoin Lightning Network Triples Capacity Since November
🕵 Eric Hop joins IOTA-ISO as Cofounder!
🕵 Ripple’s XRP is Now a Base-Pair on Binance

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