Insider News for 29 JAN 2019

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🕵 0x, Aragon, General Event, district0x, Ethereum, Gnosis – AraCon
🕵 Substratum (SUB) – Monthly Meetup – SUBLOCC
🕵 Veros (VRS) – DobiTrade Listing
🕵 Hacken (HKN) – AMA with Core Team
🕵 XOVBank (XOV) – SWFT Blockchain Listing


🕵 Iran Could Ban Bitcoin for Payments, Central Bank Report Suggests
🕵 Pro-Bitcoin Guaido Traveled to US, Colombia, Brazil to Prep VZ Opposition Move
🕵 Chainalysis: $1 billion was stolen in 2018 by crypto criminals
🕵 Chicago Fast Becoming Bitcoin ATM Hot Spot with 30 New Machines
🕵 Nasdaq Invest in Blockchain Technology, Pushing For Crypto And Blockchain Adoption👏
🕵 Breakthrough: New Yorkers Can Buy Bitcoin at Traditional ATMs
🕵 Italy Joins the Crypto World with First Blockchain Regulation
🕵 NYSE Arca Files Paperwork for Bitwise Bitcoin ETF Approval
🕵 A Big Deal for Ripple as SBI Joins Russian Banks to Invest in SBS Bank
🕵 Robinhood Crypto to roll out in New York after receiving BitLicense
🕵 US: New Hampshire Bill Aims to Legalize Bitcoin for State Payments in 2020
🕵 Zilliqa and MaiCoin to power new private market and STO exchange for South East Asia


🕵 Monti enables liquidity staking on its VeChain decentralized exchange
🕵 Crypto Exchange Liqui Folds As Bitcoin (BTC) Price Plunge Strikes
🕵 Coinbase Gains More Mobile Users Than Other Top 6 Exchanges Combined: Research
🕵 BitTorrent Tokens Sold Out in Under 15 Minutes, Netting Over $7 Mln
🕵 Litecoin will add Confidential Transactions in 2019
🕵 Ripple (XRP) Partner Euro Exim Bank to Enhance xCurrent to Use It as SWIFT Replacement
🕵 Analyst: Tron and BitTorrent’s BTT Are Satoshi Nakamoto’s Words Come True
🕵 ShinhanCard Makes First Transaction Using OmiseGO
🕵 Binance: Decentralized Exchange Will Connect With Hardware Wallets
🕵 LocalBitcoins Compromised: Hacker Nets $28,600 Phishing P2P Crypto Exchange’s Users
🕵 Weiss Ratings: the Popularity of Tron (TRX) Cannot be Denied
🕵 Mercury FX Confirms Plans To Send Million Dollar Payments Through xRapid
🕵 Binance and Kraken: KYC data haul was not hacked from exchanges
🕵 JP Morgan: Bitcoin (BTC) Could Fall To $1,250 If Crypto Bear Market Persists
🕵 Bakkt Begins Hiring for Futures Exchange Despite Delays
🕵 Rumor: Samsung Galaxy S10 ‘Leaks’: Features ‘Blockchain KeyStore’ with Ethereum Support😱

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