Insider News for 06 APR 2019

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🕵 Everex (EVX) – 05 April 2019 – Thai Bank Partnership💪
🕵 Sentinel Protocol (UPP) – 05 April 2019 – Announcement
🕵 IOST (IOST) – 05 April 2019 – “Secret Weapon” for Dapps
🕵 Insifa (ISF) – 05 April 2019 – Platform Designs
🕵 Ethereum Classic (ETC) – 05 April 2019 – ECIP1054 Conference Call


🕵 Binance Adds 10 New Ugandan Schools to Its ‘Lunch for Children’ Program
🕵 Coinbase Will Pay You $50 For Just Learning About Stellar XLM😎
🕵 Bitcoin Price Breaks Through $5,000, but Bloomberg Says ‘Ignore It’
🕵 Chinese Regulator Approves First 197 Blockchain Firms, Including Tencent, Alibaba, Baidu
🕵 Massive Bitcoin Whale Triggered BTC Surge With $100 Million Order, Says Crypto Investment Firm CEO
🕵 Crypto Startup Coinbase Quietly Launches XRP Payment Service
🕵 US Congress Introduces Two New Cryptocurrency Bills
🕵 Ripple-Supported XRPL Labs Releases ‘Signing Platform’ and ‘XRPAY’ System
🕵 Bitcoin Price Will Be $50k in April 2020, Says Developer Luke-jr
🕵 Forbes Article Says Cardano ADA Is A Bitcoin Rival
🕵 Massive Bitcoin Exchange Hack Exposes Bithumb’s Arrogant Disregard of Security
🕵 EOSIO Confirms Release of Resource Rental Contracts on EOS
🕵 Japan’s Largest Railway Company Considers New Crypto Payment System for Transport Cards
🕵 World Bank Praises Ripple and XRP-Based xRapid, Says Technology Could Transform Cross-Border Payments
🕵 From Bears to Bulls: Financial Advisors Change Opinions About Bitcoin After Crash Course
🕵 Craig Wright “Filing Lawsuits” Against People Denying He is Satoshi Nakamoto
🕵 Institutional Investors Can Earn Interest on Tezos Through Coinbase Custody
🕵 Experts: Ethereum Losing Ground to New Networks😰
🕵 Ethereum [ETH] takes another step towards Serenity with new Testnet update

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