Insider News for 12 APR 2019

­čĽÁ Insider news
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­čĽÁ Einsteinium (EMC2) – 12 April 2019 – Full Release
­čĽÁ LTO Network (LTO) – 12 April 2019 – Odyssey Hackathon 2019
­čĽÁ ION (ION) – 12 April 2019 – Announcement
­čĽÁ General Event (CRYPTO) – 12 April 2019 – OKEx Talks 2019 – Dnipro
­čĽÁ Smartlands (SLT) – 12 April 2019 – Attends UK Investor Show


­čĽÁ Report: ÔÇśTRON Was the Fastest Growing Dapp EcosystemÔÇÖ in Q1 2019 ­čś│
­čĽÁ Ripple To Gain Exposure in Europe: Minister of Luxembourg Just Dropped Hint of Cooperation
­čĽÁ VeChainÔÇÖs Expansion Continues: Partnership with Chinese Giant Of Electronics and Home Appliances
­čĽÁ Bitcoin Celebrates 400 Millionth Transaction, Adoption at All Time High
­čĽÁ Institutions Increased Bitcoin Longs By 88% Just Before Price Rally
­čĽÁ Andreas Antonopoulos: Bitcoin (BTC) Can Still Be ‘Attacked’
­čĽÁ The PhilippinesÔÇÖ Central Bank Has Already Legalized 10 Bitcoin Exchanges
­čĽÁ Brave Browser Monthly Active Users Surges By 450% Since 2018 ÔÇô Report Says
­čĽÁ Coinbase CEO shares select growth metrics, suggests whole crypto industry is growing
­čĽÁ PewDiePie ditches YouTube and Twitch streaming for DLiveÔÇÖs blockchain platform
­čĽÁ NY State Financial Regulator Grants Virtual Currency License To Bitstamp
­čĽÁ Facebook allegedly raising as much as $1 billion for its cryptocurrency stablecoin
­čĽÁ Tron Announces Sun Network May Launch Date, Reveals Key Phases for DApp Chain
­čĽÁ Bitcoin (BTC) Could Skyrocket To $8.4k In The Coming Weeks, Analyst Suggests
­čĽÁ Bitcoin [BTC] market would be significantly driven by Wall Street, says eToroÔÇÖs Mati Greenspan
­čĽÁ Tunisia Aims To Be A Pioneer In Blockchain Technology
­čĽÁ TronÔÇÖs Ecosystem Has Surpassed 2.3 Million Accounts, 246 Decentralized Applications
­čĽÁ Trader Who Predicted BitcoinÔÇÖs 84% Decline Set a $50,000 Price Target
­čĽÁ $25 Million in XRP: One of Largest Crypto Gifts Ever Made to a U.S. University­čç║­čçŞ
­čĽÁ EOS sets record of 80M+ actions processed in 1 day!
­čĽÁ Ripple Partners With RationalFX: Over 180,000 New Customers Exposed to Ripple Tech

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