Insider News for 25 APR 2019

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🕵 BitClave (CAT) and 39 others – 25 April 2019 – Blockchain Expo Global
🕵 DEEX (DEEX) – 25 April 2019 – DEEX OTC Trading
🕵 Celer Network (CELR) – 25 April 2019 – K.E.Y PLATFORM 2019
🕵 Shift (SHIFT) – 25 April 2019 – Core V7.0t Activation
🕵 Litecoin Cash (LCC) – 25 April 2019 – New Website Translation


🕵 Smartlands Wants To Build A Real Estate Market On Stellar
🕵 John McAfee no Longer Interested in Unmasking Satoshi Nakamoto
🕵 Japan FSA Investigates Security Lapses at Cryptocurrency Exchanges
🕵 Brazilian Police Arrest Suspect for Money Laundering With Bitcoin
🕵 2,000 More US Grocery Stores Enable Bitcoin Buying at Coinstar Machines⚡️
🕵 Coinbase Shuts Down Chicago Office; Shelve High-Frequency Trading Product Plans
🕵 View Ads, Get BAT: Brave Delivers on ICO Promise of Paid Web Browsing
🕵 Lisk Core 1.6.0 has now been released to Mainnet!
🕵 TrustToken Launches AUD-Backed Stablecoin With 3 More to Follow
🕵 Ethereum Drops on Expected Breakout Date From Expert
🕵 Genesis Mining allegedly attempts hostile takeover of the board of a publicly traded company
🕵 DLT firm Billon Group now licensed in the EU to operate as e-money institution
🕵 TD Ameritrade Is Definitely Thinking About Offering Bitcoin Trading
🕵 Liverpool F.C. denies “partnership” with TRON 😥
🕵 China’s Foreign Exchange Regulator Piloting Blockchain in Trade Finance
🕵 Telecoms Giant NTT’s Thai Unit Plans to Launch Blockchain, AI, IOT Innovation Lab
🕵 2 Million ETH Traded on Decentralized Exchanges in Q1 2019

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