Insider News – 27 September 2019

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🕵 Cardano (ADA – Cardano 2nd Anniversary
🕵 Dash (DASH – Dash Convention
🕵 OKB (OKB – Africa Talks-Osogbo
🕵 WaykiChain (WICC – Singapore Meetup
🕵 Santiment Network Token (SAN – API Maintenance


🕵 New Malware Swaps Out Crypto Wallet Addresses as You Type Them 👀
🕵 Bitcoin still outperforming most well-known traditional assets, despite being down by 20%
🕵 Ripple Says XRP-Based xRapid Could Trigger $10 Trillion Innovation
🕵 Venezuela’s central bank holding Bitcoin is just crazy enough to work
🕵 Bitcoin Is Being Manipulated by Institutional Markets, Data Suggests
🕵 NEO Becomes a Member of Microsoft’s .NET Foundation
🕵 ADA is Launched on Binance US – Institutions Could be Holding Crypto Back Intentionally
🕵 France: 25,000 Major Retail Stores to Accept Bitcoin in 2020
🕵 IOTA and Linux Foundation partner for “edge computing” project
🕵 EOS’ First Hard Fork Successfully Completed
🕵 EOS Developer to Create 170 Jobs in Virginia with Its New Headquarters
🕵 IBM Wants to Work With Facebook on Libra
🕵 Iranian Bitcoiners Risk Fines, Jail Time as Government Regulates Mining
🕵 Bitcoin trading on Bakkt breaks a quarter of a million dollars In First Few Hours⚡️⚡️
🕵 VeChain Touts ‘Killer App of Blockchain’
🕵 Ripple Signs Up Major UAE Bank to RippleNet
🕵 Second-Largest German Stock Exchange Launches Regulated Bitcoin Trading Platform
🕵 Global Banking Giant Says XRP Ledger Is a Potential ‘Game Changer’
🕵 Binance Collaborates With UK Cyber Crime Police to Ensure Customers’ Funds are SAFU
🕵 Ripple Acquires Payment Startup Logos to Build Internet of Value
🕵 Libra Association Talks With EU Regulators Following Opposition
🕵 European Central Bank Investigating Stablecoins and a Possible Digital Euro

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