Insider News for 05 OCT 2019

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🕵 Binance Coin (BNB) & OTHERS – Game Oasis Hackathon
🕵 Ontology (ONT) – Unblock Tokyo
🕵 Bitcoin Fast (BTCF) – First Developer Update
🕵 Utrum (OOT) – Crypto Rankings Launch
🕵 Energi (NRG) – Earndrop Portal Closes


🕵 Coinbase CEO: US Should Reconsider Ridiculous Stance on Libra as Project Partners Jump Ship
🕵 Libra Association reveals participation of 1500 enthusiastic entities after PayPal exits project
🕵 EU Finance Ministers To Push G20 Response On Facebook’s Libra
🕵 Bitcoin Indicator Flashes Buy for First Time Since $3,150 Bottom👏
🕵 Æternity Blockchain Brings ‘Liquid Democracy’ to Uruguay
🕵 Coinbase is in talks to acquire a peer-to-peer rental startup – report
🕵 Walmart Uses Blockchain Tech to Track Shrimp Supply Chains
🕵 China Fears Libra And Bitcoin, Wants Controlled Crypto Roll Out Claims Top NYC Corporate Attorney
🕵 PayPal Ditches Facebook and Pulls Out of the Libra Association😮
🕵 Jack Dorsey Looking for a Designer to Give Bitcoin a New Face
🕵 Anthony Pompliano Says The US Government Will One Day Adopt Bitcoin As A National Currency
🕵 CoinAlts Fund Symposium 2019: The Block Interview Series
🕵 Malware Costing Just $160 Attempts Crypto Theft from 72,000 Devices
🕵 Japanese Messenger Line, Nomura Holdings Form Blockchain Alliance
🕵 Hacker Returns Ethereum Domains Lost in Bug Exploit
🕵 Facebook’s Libra, other stablecoins may disrupt financial stability, claims FSB’s Vice Chair
🕵 U.K. Financial Watchdog Mulls Banning Cryptocurrency-Derivative Products
🕵 Report: Venezuelans will ‘soon’ be able to make crypto payments
🕵 Ripple acquires Icelandic crypto trading company Algrim
🕵 New Balance to Use Cardano Technology to Fight Counterfeits

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