Ichimoku Kinko Hyo

What is Ichimoku Indicator and how it is used?

Ichimoku is an indicator represented by a combination of five lines, three of which are moving averages, and two are their derivatives, which form a so-called "Ichimoku Cloud" - a shaded area between the two lines. Ichimoku not only determines the presence of the trend, but also gives information on the location of support / resistance zones, and also determines the rollback of the trend. The Ichimoku indicator was developed in 1930 by the Japanese analyst Goichi Hosoda, but was presented to the public only in 1960.

Each of the indicator lines has its own name and method of construction:

  • Tenkan = (9-day high + 9-day low) / 2
  • Kijun = (26-day high + 26-day low) / 2
  • Senkou A = (Tenkan + Kijun) / 2 - the first line of the "cloud"
  • Senkou B = (52-day high + 52-day low) / 2 - the second line of the "cloud"
  • Chinkou = Close plotted 26-days in the past.

When Tenkan crosses Kijun from the bottom, this is called Golden Cross.

When Tenkan crosses Kijun from the top, this is called Dead Cross.

Ichimoku Strong Signals

  • SenkouA gets above SenkouB and the price is above the cloud - signal to buy
  • SenkouB gets above SenkouA and the price is below the cloud - signal to sell
  • Breakout the Cloud, Closing Price gets out of SenkouB Cloud - signal to buy
  • Breakout the Cloud, Closing Price goes into SenkouB Cloud - signal to sell
  • Golden Cross is above Cloud - signal to buy
  • Dead Cross is below Cloud - signal to sell
  • Price crosses Kijun from bottom to top above Cloud - signal to buy
  • Price crosses Kijun from top to bottom below Cloud - signal to sell

Ichimoku Weak Signals

  • SenkouA gets above SenkouB - signal to buy
  • SenkouB gets above SenkouA - signal to sell
  • Golden Cross is not above Cloud - signal to buy
  • Dead Cross is not below Cloud - signal to sell
  • Price crosses Kijun from bottom to top below Cloud - signal to buy
  • Price crosses Kijun from top to bottom above Cloud - signal to sell

Ichimoku is a very interesting trading system that is based on moving averages and shows that even basic indicators can give very productive trading systems.

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