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🌜 Moon - landed Next destination - MARS! πŸ‘
2021-02-10 08:42
Are you ready? ZCODE SYSTEM is starting a MASSIVE GIVEAWAY Share it on social media and get a chance to grab one of several amazing prizes. πŸ† Win a new A NEW IPHONE worth $999 πŸ† Or how about a new Playstation 5 worth $499 πŸ† And of course the lucky one will get a Lifetime Zcode System VIP Membership worth 1,999 usd with access to all winning picks and systems! JOIN OUR MASSIVE GIVEAWAY NOW and Bag yourself a new iPhone, PS5 or Lifetime Zcode System VIP Membership! Start here
2021-05-07 05:13
πŸš€ NFTs market is booming and just broke new record in sales. How many of you guys are into NFTs?
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I am BIG on NFTs! πŸ’ͺ
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Still not #SURE, watching the trend 😎
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Not interested in NFTs 😱
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What is #NFT? πŸ™ˆ
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πŸ‘₯ Nobody voted so far.
2022-01-18 16:23
Bitcoin Died million times like a phoenix coming back to life each time. Your thoughts? 200 to 500 then back to 290 75% retracement 290 to 780 then back to 480 60% retracement 480 to 1180 then back to 750 60% retracement 750 to 1355 then back to 890 77% retraementt 890 to 3050 then back to 1760 60% retracement 1760 to 20K then back 3150 90% retracement 3150 to 13.9k then back to 3800 95% reetracement 3800 to 65k then back to 28K 60% retracement expect 95% retracement from 28K to 69K back to 30k or even 20K I dont see going below 20k
2022-01-26 04:31
π—¦π—Όπ—Ίπ—²π˜π—΅π—Άπ—»π—΄ π—•π—œπ—š π—Άπ˜€ 𝗰𝗼𝗺𝗢𝗻𝗴! Mark your calendar 9 March Zcode NFT #NFT πŸ‘‡ Apply for free whitelisting here πŸ‘‡
2022-02-11 17:04
2022-02-21 06:08
2022-03-08 10:27
2022-03-09 07:22
Great news We are PROUDLY LISTED ON RARITY.TOOLS (The biggest NFT ranking website in the world) Finally it happened There is one Easter Egg there.. Will you find it? A hint - it's a rare Headless Horseman Doge, the only and very rare GOLD NFT! P.S. If you still did not mint, make sure you mint asap, as the prices will be increased to 0.09 soon
2022-03-17 06:12
Looking for quality NFT and Crypto Traffic? NFTS guide is 1,000.000 NFT and CRYPTO community! Would you like to boost your twitter, run a giveaway promo, get quality P2E/NFT/CRYPTo/DEFI traffic ? Order your promo video or premium listing here
2022-06-22 12:26